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The Musician

The Start of a Music Journey

It was at 12 years of age, in Macao, that Doart played his first electric guitar. a gift from his dad on his birthday. Since then, Doart has been in love with the art of music. He took some classes of classical guitar during 4 months, but then quit, because he couldn`t help but fall asleep in front of the teacher. So, with motivation and determination, he decided to self teach himself everything that he knows up to this moment in time.

First Band

in his 13`s, Doart joined his first band as a rhythm guitarist. There, he met a lot of different bands inside the genres of Rock, Punk Rock, Punk Pop, and Metal that contributed to his influences of playing. It was also at this age that he started experimenting using his voice to sing. Disclaimer: It was a disaster, and it kept being a disaster for a few years on, till his voice matured and transformed into a slightly better one. But more on that later...  

At 14, he sang for the very first time in a concert during a small festival. It was a farewell of his stay in Macao. He was going to live with his mother, brother, and sister on the Island of Madeira. 


Second Band

At 16, as a theater student, Doart recieved vocal training as one of the subjects, and used them as an advantage for his singing. This was also the time he started writing his own songs. They were mostly comedic, for he didn`t take himself too seriously at the time........ He still doesn`t.

This was also the age he got himself into a second band with his friends.

There were two percussionists, a singer, and Doart was the only guitarist. 

They used to play in an irish pub, every Saturday. This gave Doart a good notion of what it feels like to play in a pub where people want to chill and drink their beers, instead of a concert, where the band is the main focus.

Eventually, Doart quit the band. He couldn`t tolerate the singers ego no more, and therefore he decided it was time to make himself both guitarist and singer. This was the start of Doart`s solo carreer as a singer-songwriter. That way he only had to deal with one person`s ego: His.

Studying in Lisbon

After finishing his  Professional Course in theater, Doart moved to Lisbon, at the age of 19, to take his Bachelors degree in a Performing Arts School.

This is where he learned the fundamentals of creating somehthing from zero, which helped him extremely in his songwriting.  It was also where he took a course in Jazz and Modern Music for a semester, where he learned proper music theory and had singing lessons, which enriched his take on song creation.

At the end of the Degree, Doart took lessons on Musical Theater, worked with friends on some side projects, and produced the sound for a few theater plays.  

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The end of a Student`s Life

After finishing his Bachelor`s degree in Performing Arts, at the age of 23 Doart takes the time to learn the piano by himself, buying different piano books, starting with the Alfred`s Piano Course: Adult All In one Book 1, which teaches him the fundamentals of piano playing and music theory, plus sight-reading.

He also takes the time to imrpove his music production skills by working on his oldest songs from the age of 16, finally releasing his first Single: "Cheesy Songs & Broken Hearts" on all Digital Platforms at the age of 24. 

At this time, Doart learns about music rights and registers himself in different right societies as a performer, Producer and composer, releasing throughout the same year, three more singles: "Phases of Moving On" , "She`s Not You" and "Where Have You Gone?". 

The Now

Today, Doart`s focusing heavily on building and growing his community through working and releasing his next songs, continuously learning everything he can about music, telling the stories he wants through it, and sharing them with the world, hoping to make a living by doing what he loves: Creating.


"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."


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