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The Mistério Ship

🚀  The Mistério Ship  🚀

In other words, the vessel of your imagination...

The What?
That`s Right!
The Mistério Ship can be an abstract and metaphorical place, or a real one depending on how far you`re willing to take your own imagination!
It`s a vessel created by Doart, with the objective of taking all of it`s passengers through the
Universe of Ideas, reaching different and exciting destinations, meeting new worlds and making new stories on the way.


I know what you`re thinking...
It looks a bit small, but it`s actually half the size of a star dreadnought from star wars. For those of you that don`t know this reference...

 It`s frickin huge!

How can I get in?
You already Are!
This place you`re in, what you may recognize as "website", is a part of it, maybe even the main part! Some call it the Center Room, because it`s the place where you go, to explore, learn and discover everything from the Universe of Ideas created by Doart.

What Is The Universe of Ideas then?
The Universe of Ideas is, in short, an infinite and expanding space that contains every idea released by Doart, for people like you to experience and enjoy.
Before this universe existed, all of Doarts creations lived inside his head only. So, in order to unleash it, Doart created the Universe of Ideas.
Imagine a Big Bang.... but from Doarts creative part of the brain, to the exterior. :)

The Universe of Ideas

What`s Inside the Mistério ship?
It all comes down to your own imagination!

 It`s got whatever room you desire, from Huge lounges, to cosy personal rooms. If you wanna have your own room with a bathroom, you can have your own room... with a bathroom. If you wanna walk along the psychadelical corridors of the ship, and then look out the window to see the stars in the vast blackness we call space, you also can. You can even make your actual room, the room you`re at right now, a room of the ship.

All you have to do is to simply Imagine.


Does Doart have his own room?

He uses his own room as a workstation to come up with new ideas and send them out to the outerspace for you to explore.

He also uses his room to live stream for you, the community, and meet new people that are willing to join The Space Family.

 Click on the Portal below to watch Doart live stream!







What else is there in the Ship?
 Imagine a big cruiser, but as a flying spaceship.
That`s what Mistério is at it`s core.
plus the armoury part in case of threats in space, or while visiting dangerous planets


The ship wears a protective invisible shield, and has a very good ventilation system (in case you`re worried about weird smells).



Can I Go Outside the ship?

There`s an outside part on the Mistério Ship, where people can hangout to the cosmic breezes, while looking at the stars and drinking their beverages.

Don`t worry, this Universe has a breathable envoirnment. It can  however, cause a bit of vertigo for the sensitive ones.

any more questions?

 That`s all for now!

Feel free to meet the members of The Space Family, or even the crew!
if you`re feeling adventurous, roam around the ship and explore it`s corners.
You never know what you may find...
enjoy the journey!

 *Beep Bop*

Here`s a little tour of the Ship to spice up your imagination!

Untitled Design - 2021-07-23T191807.778.png
Untitled Design - 2021-07-16T201406.897.png
Anchor 1

“It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way.”

Penelope Riley

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