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Monkey Sing

Monkey Sing
A project dedicated to covering songs from other artists and bands, sometimes with a little twist.

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About the Project


That`s a peculiar name...
True, But bear with me for it has a purpose!

 Monkeys tend to imitate others, right? And what do you do when you cover a song?
You imitate it!

That`s literally it.

What songs does Doart cover? 
Most of the songs he covers are songs that he enjoyed listening to, or songs that his community requests him to do!

Does he sing with any other people?
Yes! From time to time, Doart will collaborate with other wonderful artists he meets along the journey, and that are willing to do it so. :)

Can I request a cover?
Yes you can!

Doart will usually ask on his instagram page, or in the Space Family community, what covers would you like to hear him sing. 
But if you`d like to make a suggestion, feel free to contact him either in the
Contacts Page, or in his socials. 

You can also leave a comment in one of his youtube videos as well. 

If Doart finds your request doable,
the song will go to his list of To-Do-covers. :)

"Monkey See, Monkney do."


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