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Loopy Doopy

In here you`ll find improvised songs made in one go using the loopstation! :)

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New Single!

Click on the image to get it!

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About the Project

About loopy doopy

 What exactly is "Loopy Doopy"?
"Loopy Doopy" is a project that Doart created with the objective of improvising music solely on the loopstation Rc-505, using mainstage (an app that allows you to play every instrument you have on your computer, on the go). 

 Why "Loopy Doopy"?

Loopy Doopy seemed to fit well with the context since some, if not most of the songs that Doart creates on the go are silly. So, the first name that popped in his brain, was Loopy Doopy. 

What inspired Doart to make this project?

First time that Doart experienced looping was with an RC-30 (Loop Pedal). Since then he`s always been fasinated with the one-man-band concept.

In 2021 Doart found a few people live streaming their own improvised songs just using their own equipment, incuding the loopstation, and making some epic music to their viewers.

He started searching, learning and finding out ways to acheive that level of freedom when creating songs, offering the his viewers the same type of fun. 

After some deep digging, Doart finally found a way. 

Who inspired Doart to make this project?

Bobby McFreein, Ed Sheeran, Marc Rebillet, Reinhardt Buhr, Reggie watts, among others.

What sort of music does he create in Loopy Doopy?

It really depends on his mood.
Today he could create something extremely short, silly and stupid, and tomorrow something longer, cosmic and epic, making you feel like you`re floating in space.

And that`s the beauty of it.

You never know what comes next....

Neither does he.

“A man is deficient in understanding until he perceives that there is a whole cycle of evolution possible within himself: repeating endlessly, offering opportunities for personal development.”

Idries Shah

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