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Once Upon a time...

Duarte Pinto da Mata (aka Doart), is a Portuguese Actor, Singer-songwriter, storyteller and a creative goofball, born in the city of Macao and raised in the island of Madeira.

As a 10 year old kid, he had a way of seeing the world in a curious way. he`d stare at the horizon from the balcony of his home, Listening to what the world had to say with all it`s mysteries and wonders, inspiring him to create stories about exciting adventures inside his head. 


As a 15 year old teen, Doart came across a frustrating struggle: figuring out what he`s meant to become. He was constantly split between three different thingsmusic, acting and writting.
Doart didn`t want to have to pick one and leave the rest behind. Fortunately, with the support of his wonderful family, Doart ended up choosing acting as a professional carreer, but having music and writting always by his side


Finally embarking on this adventure of a lifetime (quite literally), he had the chance to be part of different worlds (theater plays, and music gigs), and the chance to create new ones (music and written stories).


10 Years Later...

After finishing his Bachelor`s Degree on performing arts in Lisbon, Doart was finally a free man: free to choose which path to take!

But we all know that with freedom.... comes an overwhelming amount of choices, responsibility and the real world begins.

Doart had the knowledge, and tools to create. But he had been raised in a society that makes you think inside the box. That you can only pick one thing only, That the world is highly competitive and your ideas don`t matter, that there`s no place for the new ones and you`ll never make a living doing what you love

As a consequence, Doart felt lost with flooding doubts...

Then 2020 came, along with covid, and the world changed, forever...

It was in the end of 2020, beginning of 2021 In the Midst of all the chaotic silence and self reflection, that a spark lit up a path for Doart`s footsteps.

He decided it was time to create a space, a Universe where he could put all of his creations in. a space where curious goofballs like Doart could come and Hopefully relate to the content that he creates.
and so... The artist name "Doart" was born.

Doart began publishing his music to the world through digital platforms, all produced and performed from his homemade studio. He also Started streaming live for people on twitch. That`s where he found the love for bringing people together through his creations.

Doart`s ideas kept growing inside a universe hard to reach, for this "universe" only existed as an abstract concept in his mind. In order to unleash it he had to come up with a plan.


So... through the power of imagination, Doart built a Spaceship known as the Mistério shipdesigned to take him and the people that Follow his work, on a never ending journey through this Universe of Ideas, filled with stories to live, different worlds to exploreCharacters to meet and mysteries to unravel. But There was a problem... He didn`t know how to fly The Mistério Ship.

Fortunately, he found someone that could do it. someone named "The Pilot". The Pilot was familiar with every little corner of this Universe. He was born and raised in it, so Doart knew immediatly that he`d make a great candidate for flying the ship.

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The Now

Doart spends his days in the Mistério Ship, improving his tools of creation, crafting new music, Stories, Videos, characters, etc... to share it with the world

Meanwhile The Pilot flies the ship through the Universe of Ideas, inviting new people to  come along and join "The Space Family" - a family of curious and creative goofballs like Doart.

The Final Destination?

Doart plans to keep on creating and exploring this Infinite Universe of Ideas, and share it with the world, building a family of like minded people along the way, making the world.. This crazy world, a better place through the power of imagination. 

What he really hopes to achieve in the end, is to bring a little joy, laughter, love, a sense of mystery, adventure and excitement on all of the people that seek it, through the stories he tells in this made up Universe of Ideas  

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"The world is so mysterious and wild when you start to see it through the eyes of a child." 

Finding Neverland 

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